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At Sunview Coatings we can provide hundreds of colors and textures for your Powder Coating needs. The selections below represent the majority of colors available. Contact us if your require a finish that is not listed below. Appearance may vary depending on your computer monitor.

RAL Colours

All 184 smooth glossy colours featured in this chart are available as standard products in Series 49 Polyester TGIC for exterior and interior applications. All Series 49 products are Underwriters Laboratory Listed products.


We offer a broad selection of Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings, which offer unique advantages over conventional dry blended powder coatings. The range covers one- and two-coat Silvers, Gold, Bronze, Copper and other Metallics, Glitters, Antique/Veins and Iron Glimmers.

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Special Effect

Unique, striking and trendy are words that describe our collection of Special Effect Powder Coatings. With finishes ranging from Pearlescent and Fluorescent one and two coats to Glow-in-the-Dark, Hammertone and Antico finishes, Transparent and Candy plus Dormant Transparents. The final finish on any product is sure to turn some heads for a second look.

Tiger Drylac Canada is our major supplier of Powder Coatings.
For more information you can visit their website HERE.