Sunview Coatings can provide Powder Coatings and Ceramic Coatings for numerous products and applications. Many materials can be Powder Coated including:

Steel Titanium Pot Metal Aluminum Zinc Stainless Steel

Each item goes through a six-stage pretreatment for cleaning and etching (note: this will not remove rust or scale).
We can Powder Coat items up to 5' x 7'x 20'.


Hundreds of colors and finishes are available for your Powder Coating needs. They include:

Metallics Textures Veins Wrinkles Solid Tones Top Coats
Transparents and many more!

We can also do:

Glass Blasting

Up to 66" x 36" x 36"

Sand Blasting

Unlimited Size (Steel Only)


Burn Off Oven (up to 7' cubed)


Can do:

Steel, Stainless, Titanium

Cannot do:

Aluminum, Zinc, Pot Metal, Copper